Atomic Lab

Component Guide Generator based on partial templates (ejs/jade/haml/html)

The porpose

There are so many styleguide generators out there such as hologram, fractal etc.. But, Do you really need those style guide generators? Actually I and some other friends dislike leaving comments on css files for making documents

These days, when making websites, You may often separate a template into many parts such as "header" "footer" "menu" by using template like ejs. So I thought It is more efficient to use such partial templates to generate documents instead of using css files


$ npm install atomic-lab --save

or install with yarn.

$ yarn add atomic-lab


Via npx

$ npx atomic-lab build

With $(npm bin)

$ $(npm bin)/atomic-lab build

Your project directory will look like this

├── partials/
│   └── _header.ejs
│   └── _main.ejs
│   └── ...
├── styleguide/
│   └── components.json
│   └── config.json
│   └── bundle.js
│   └── index.html


Specify src/dist directory

Via npx

$ npx atomic-lab build --src ./components --dist ./styleguide

or npm bin

$ $(npm bin)/atomic-lab build --src ./components --dist ./styleguide


When you want to use with ejs

# @category organism
# @name uc-header
# @css ./uc-header.scss
# @desc grid system and clearfix
--><!--@template tilte="Blog" --><header class="uc-header _black">
<div class="uc-header-logo"><a href="/"><%= title %></a></div>
<div class="uc-header-menu _small-hidden" role="navigation">
    <a href="#">About</a>
    <a href="#">Portfolio</a>
    <a href="#">GitHub</a>
<div class="uc-menu-btn _medium-hidden _large-hidden"><button><i class="uc-menu-btn-icon"></i></button></div>
<!--@/template --><!--@preview
<uc-header title="Horic Design" />
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